Food Security for Ch’orti’ Families

For hundreds of years indigenous Mayan Ch’orti’ have suffered from extreme poverty, marginalization, and racism. Hand in hand with the communities, COMUNDICH has been defending and protecting human, individual and collective rights.

At the centre of their struggle has been the ownership of land and recognition of indigenous self-government. The struggle has been difficult – seven indigenous leaders have been murdered. However, through persistence, indigenous spirituality and strong advocacy, COMUNDICH achieved the lawful transfer of land titles of uprooted territories to indigenous communities and legalized indigenous mayors’ authority. Incredible achievements in a short period of time!

However, indigenous leaders are still being criminalized for standing up for their rights. Seven Indigenous leaders have been incarcerated without clear charges. COMUNDICH is right there defending them! The process is ongoing.

COMUNDICH’s efforts have been recognized internationally. In January 2018, COMUNDICH received the Alice Zachman prize for their struggle to gain indigenous rights.

COMUNDICH is also providing technical support to lift the communities out of poverty. Food security has improved and economic initiatives are being developed. The communities are planting vegetable gardens, installing improved stoves, and developing chicken farms. These are bright lights in an otherwise difficult situation.

bookmark_flower The struggle continues! Kenoli stands in solidarity with the Ch’orti’ peoples and COMUNDICH against injustice!