What are Kenoli partners doing during COVID- 19?
Some examples.

El Salvador


A Salvadoran woman shows how she shares her crops with her neighbors during times of food insecurity.


Young people in El Salvador growing healthy nutritious vegetables in a greenhouse for their community.



A young indigenous mayor in Guatemala shows her community survival strategy to confront the COVID-19 crisis.


An indigenous Mayan woman in Guatemala shows the food security conditions of her family during the COVID-19 crisis.


A Mayan woman in Guatemala shows how the training and the new housing improvements have helped her and her family to improve living conditions, hygiene and health.



To avoid malnutrition, AMDV has provided food aid to 175 families who live in poverty and who participate in the Kenoli sponsored early childhood development program. This includes pregnant women and small children.



In order to minimize the impact of the pandemic and guarantee food security CEPROSI provided food packages to 45 families of the 5 communities that are part of the CEPROSI-Kenoli project.


ODESAR in Esquipulas, Matagalpa has carried out awareness campaigns on the prevention of COVID-19 in the different communities in which they work. They provided posters on the measures to avoid coronavirus, talks to children on the correct washing of hands, as well as experience exchanges on the use of medicinal plants.