Tackling Poverty and Restoring Dignity

Most of the rural indigenous Lenca people in the remote mountainous municipality of San Francisco de Opalaca, Honduras live in extreme poverty. With Kenoli support, ADROH is working with the Lenca farmers to tackle poverty and restore their dignity through organic farming.

They are strengthening 36 family gardens in 3 communities and developing 2 collective diversified plots with vegetables, fruit trees and small livestock, such as pigs and turkeys. The families are receiving training in diversified family farming, adapting to climate change, and how to cook delicious food with their own produce.

Because health units are located far from the villages, the population is essentially without health services. So ADROH has trained women in making natural medicines and has established 5 community health kits.

While the challenges continue for the indigenous residents of San Francisco de Opalaca, they are now more optimistic about their future!

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