Vecinos Honduras

Holistic Community Development

The mountains of Azabache are very remote and linked to the main highway by a very poor road. Hunger is a big problem here, and a very high percentage (45%) of children under 5 are malnourished. It is here that Vecinos Honduras is working in a holistic approach to improve the lives of over 250 families in 8 villages.

They are contributing to decreasing maternal and infant mortality. Parents and their children attend a monthly weigh-in routine, which allows the parents to see if their children are growing well, and get advice as needed. In this area, there are few toys for children and few parents know how to stimulate their child’s learning, so regular early childhood stimulation sessions support the children to learn new skills. Pregnant women are also monitored to ensure they give birth to healthy babies.

To address hunger, Vecinos Honduras provides technical support to families to grow a diverse range of vegetables, fruit and medicinal plants. They no longer cook on open fires, but on improved stoves, significantly reducing smoke inhalation, so they and their children are healthier.

Vecinos Honduras is also training over 80 youth to improve their economic situations, through the creation of small businesses. The youth learned how to develop business plans and now are running small businesses such as:  a bakery, selling plantain chips, second-hand clothes, and cleaning products. All of these business initiatives have improved the living conditions of the youth and their families.

The families in Azabache have many challenges, but they are making significant progress in addressing these challenges.

bookmark_flower  Congratulations to the families and Vecinos Honduras!