Improving lives

It is incredible to see how these people’s lives have changed in the last five years! The people in Caserio Guaje, Santo Tomas live on a hillside, where they plant their crops. It is so, so steep! They used to bring buckets of water from the creek below to irrigate their crops. It was unbelievably hard work with few results!

Since they have been working with ACIDES and Kenoli, they have a water catchment tank on top of the hill with an electric pump to pump the water from the river to the top. ACIDES also brought in extra resources to bring a stable source of electricity to village. The villagers of ACOMANZANA are now able to plant both sides of the mountain, feed their families and sell the excess in the markets. The youth began raising chickens to provide protein for their families and to sell in the markets. Also, their community building has been completed with a kitchen, an office and storage. These improvements have transformed their lives!

Still, their lives are hard! The women wake up at 1 AM to catch the bus at 2 AM to take their produce to the market in San Salvador. They negotiate with the middle men to sell their produce and return home by 7 AM to begin their work in their homes and gardens.

bookmark_flower We are impressed with ACIDES and the people of Caserio Guaje, for their resilience and determination!