Improved Monitoring & Evaluation Through Technology

Kenoli is assisting our partners to improve the monitoring and evaluation of programs, through a simple telephone app.  In the past few years, Kenoli partners agreed upon 18 Shared Measurement Indicators (SMI) which cover the areas of:

  • Agro-ecology and food security,
  • Health and nutrition,
  • Early childhood development,
  • Healthy homes, and
  • Community economic development.

Then Kenoli developed a telephone application that allows partners to collect field data through mobile phones.  The versatility of the App allows partners to gather data on the key indicators that they are working on, and not all indicators. The App works online or offline, since many times there is no internet connection in the field, or it is very unstable.  Once the data is collected, partners can upload the data from their offices.  Kenoli trained our partners in the use of the App and we are providing continuous support.  The Kenoli App is now beginning to be used in the field and thus far has shown to be beneficial for a wide range of purposes.