2022 Country Meetings

Since there were few opportunities to meet in person over the last three years, Kenoli decided to hold meetings with all our partners in each of the four countries in which we work:  El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala.  The meetings were enthusiastically received by the partners and provided opportunities to discuss important topics, exchange experiences and learn new skills to improve their own organizations and Kenoli.

The themes presented at each meeting included:

  • legislation related to NGOs in that county
  • climate change
  • best practices in agroecology
  • best practices in early childhood development
  • focusing on gender
  • fundraising and writing proposals
  • Kenoli’s strategic plan 2022 – 2024
  • monitoring and evaluation of projects.

The sessions were well received and evaluations of each event were very positive. For Kenoli, they were great events to learn from partners and to share expertise.