Improving the lives of Mayan women

Many indigenous Mayan families live with high levels of poverty and extreme poverty. ADAM is implementing a project to strengthen resilience and improve the living conditions of two impoverished indigenous communities in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

The Mayan women of Huitan found their lives so miserable, that they organized a cooperative, named ADSEMI, so that they could take on economic initiatives.  With ADAM’s support, they are learning business skills and raising pigs to generate income.

In Cabrican, the levels of child malnutrition are among the highest in Guatemala.  36% of the children under one year of age, suffer chronic malnutrition and this reaches a shocking 61% for children aged one to two years.  ADAM is working with the Health Unit of the Ministry of Health to improve the care provided to pregnant women and to recuperate children experiencing such high levels of malnutrition. ADAM has contributed medicines and nutritional supplements to the Health Unit for the families, taught the participants to develop family gardens for food, helped them build latrines, and provided some supplies during the COVID-!9 pandemic.  These are important initiatives making positive changes in the lives of participants.

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