Improving the lives of Mayan women

Many indigenous Mayan families live with high levels of poverty and extreme poverty.  ADAM is working with three different communities to improve the quality of their lives.

In the highlands of Xeabaj II, Santa Catarina, the Mayan women have seen steady, positive changes in their lives through the training and economic development initiatives provided by ADAM.  The women established their own agricultural production, organic worm compost, grain storage silos, raised steers for sale and manage micro-loans. The women, who never had a bank account, learned to successfully manage the economic initiatives.  They are much more empowered and continue working to improve their lives and that of their families.

The Mayan women of Huitan found their lives so miserable, that they organized a cooperative, named ADSEMI, so that they could take on economic initiatives.  With ADAM’s support, they are learning business skills and raising pigs to generate income.

Since there are many malnourished children in Cabrican, ADAM is working with the Health Unit of the Ministry of Health, to improve the care provided to pregnant women and recuperate children experiencing malnutrition.  These are important initiatives making positive changes in the lives of participants.

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