Asociación Centro para la Defensa del Consumidor (CDC)

Improving national health

The Ministry of Health studies have shown that 94% of adults in El Salvador don’t eat enough vegetables and fruit, and 40% of adults don’t engage in any physical activity. These are disturbing statistics!

CDC is working to change that and because of their work, El Salvador is making significant advances in health! CDC is different than many Kenoli partners, as its main purpose is to change government policy to benefit the public. They are expert at research, writing clear papers, and working with many different partners, including government ministries. CDC has raised awareness in El Salvador about the rapidly rising rate of obesity. There is more obesity than malnutrition in the country, and obesity is linked with many chronic diseases. It is a serious problem.

Thanks to the work of CDC, the Ministry of Education has mandated all schools to sell healthy food in their cafeterias. This is a huge achievement! CDC continues its work by developing proposals for a tax on sugary drinks, and improving the minimum wage based upon the cost of a food basket.

CDC developed an Early Childhood Stimulation guide and are now working with rural health posts and schools to implement the guide to support healthy eating and child development.  These are all important initiatives that will make a big difference in the lives of Salvadorians!

bookmark_flower Congratulations CDC on your outstanding work in changing public policy!