Asociación Cincahuite

Changing Lives

Asociación Cincahuite is in itself a success story. The association emerged from fishermen, farmers, housewives, shell collectors and youth who were living in extreme poverty and their homes were subject to frequent flooding of the Lempa River. They worked with Asociación Mangle to tackle the immense problems facing them. It was not easy, but overtime they achieved results and incorporated themselves as independent organization.  Families were no longer going to bed hungry at night and the national government stepped in with measures to control the flooding. In addition, Cincahuite was able to attract international funding and the government viewed their model of youth engagement as so successful that it is now being replicated in other parts of the country. 

With Kenoli, Cincahuite has strengthened the farming skills of youth and families in 10 villages, installed irrigation systems so that families can produce food during the dry season, assessed the nutritional status of children under 5, and provided workshops on healthy eating.

Cincahuite is making a huge different in the lives of otherwise impoverished communities!

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