Moving forward after success in stopping gold mining

The people in the remote village of Santa Rosa, Cabañas, were part of the nation-wide resistance to mining activities. Gold mining would have destroyed the land on which the people of Santa Rosa grow their food. There were many human rights abuses over the years, and sadly, 3 people from the village were murdered. In 2017, El Salvador became the first county in the world to ban mining. It was a huge victory for the people of El Salvador, ADES and the community of Santa Rosa!

Now the community’s interests turned to improving their lives and their food security. With Kenoli support, ADES worked with the community to develop family gardens to grow food, build small chicken coops and build improved stoves so that women do not have to cook over open fires, and inhale smoke.

Kenoli is also supporting ADES to implement a project to increase the socio-economic resilience of 32 families in two rural communities in San Isidro, Cabañas. The families have establishing 20 family gardens, and 6 fish farming ponds managed by women.

ADES is making a huge difference in the lives of the families in Cabañas!

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