Grupo Juvenil Dion

Preventing youth migration & gang recruitment

Poverty, lack of employment, and poor educational opportunities make rural Honduran youth susceptible to external migration and gang recruitment. Migration is very dangerous and disrupts the social fabric of communities. Gangs are very pervasive in Honduras and affect people’s daily lives creating fear and violence. 

Since 2011, Kenoli has been working with the organization, Grupo Juvenil Dion, to address the limited opportunities that rural youth have and to prevent migration, violence and gang recruitment.  Over 500 youth have been trained in rural mobile workshops in: motorcycle repair, cell phone repair, hairdressing, baking, garment making, and electricity. Not only do the young people obtain technical skills that lead them to employment, they receive training in social values, life skills and how to start their own micro-enterprise. Many have become self-employed or obtained jobs. These are huge successes in an otherwise difficult environment!

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