Grupo Juvenil Dion

Preventing youth migration & gang recruitment

Poverty, lack of employment opportunities, inadequate education, and a sense of hopelessness make rural Honduran youth vulnerable to external migration and recruitment by gangs. Migration is perilous and disrupts the social fabric of families and communities. Gang activity is pervasive in Honduras, instilling fear and perpetuating violence in daily life.

Since 2011, Kenoli has partnered with Grupo Juvenil Dion to address the limited opportunities for rural youth and to prevent migration, violence, and gang recruitment. Over 500 youth have been trained through rural mobile workshops in motorcycle repair, cell phone repair, hairdressing, baking, garment making, and electricity. These young people not only gain technical skills leading to employment but also receive training in social values, life skills, and entrepreneurship. Many have started their own micro-enterprises or secured jobs, marking significant successes in a challenging environment.

Recently, Kenoli supported Grupo Juvenil Dion in Yoro, northern Honduras, an area plagued by high rates of drug trafficking and migration. Young people, and even some older individuals, eagerly participated in bakery and hairdressing workshops. These workshops provided new skills and employment opportunities, instilling hope for a brighter future.

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