Improving the Quality of Women’s Lives

The lives of impoverished women in five rural communities outside of Managua have been transformed thanks to CEPROSI!

Now women and their families in the communities of Nindiri, Masaya are healthier, are eating better and feel more empowered. Since the women now cook on improved stoves, they and their children are no longer breathing in smoke from open fires. The women have also made many improvements to their homes, like protecting their drinking water, building cupboards to hygienically store their dishes and improving latrines. They have planted organic vegetable gardens, built pilas for water collection, tested simple irrigation systems and developed worm composts. The women have learned how to cook nutritious meals from local foods. Some families are raising goats as sources of milk. Women have also started micro-businesses, and generated income to better meet their families’ needs, including earning enough income to improve or re-build their homes!

The CEPROSI women identified gender violence as problem in their communities. They have provided youth with training in building equitable, harmonious gender relationships. They are also working with the youth to develop income generating activities. These youth have become empowered and are providing leadership in their communities, like training others and organizing events for younger children.

bookmark_flower  The CEPROSI women have transformed the communities in which they live. We are very proud of you. Congratulations to all!