El Porvenir

Improving access to water and sanitation for schools

It is difficult to imagine living without clean drinking water, yet 37% of rural Nicaraguans do (UNICEF). This issue is especially acute in remote and marginalized rural areas where infrastructure for plumbing and electricity is often inadequate. Consequently, residents must rely on distant water sources, which are frequently contaminated and unsafe for consumption.

El Porvenir is working to change that. Since 1990, El Porvenir has worked alongside rural Nicaraguan families and communities to build wells, latrines, village washing facilities, as well as to support reforestation projects. El Porvenir strives to ensure that people have clean water, safe sanitation, and the knowledge to sustain it for the generations to follow.

Construction of facilities is only one part of El Porvenir’s work, as education and community organization are essential. Even with water and sanitation projects, preventable water related diseases are still high in rural areas. With the support of Kenoli, El Porvenir works with rural schools that are located far away from the main cities.  They built double-pit latrines/toilets and handwashing stations.  They train the communities on the use and maintenance of the water and sanitation infrastructure. Parents, schoolteachers and children are also trained on growing vegetables in the school yards to improve the school meals.  Colourful murals reinforce the themes of health and hygiene.

Clean water, sanitation and healthy nutrition are important components for healthy lives!


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