Asociación Mangle

Transforming lives

The families in the region of Bajo Lempa live in environmentally fragile areas, susceptible to flooding or extreme dryness. Mangle worked to build local leadership and achieved huge success in improving the lives of people living in extreme poverty in communities around Puerto Parada. The organization of Cincahuite continues the work in Puerto Parada, and Mangle has gone to work in the San Marcos Lempa area of Jiquilisco municipality.

Here the families also suffer extreme poverty and Mangle is working to improve their farming and organizational capacities through a diversity of activities. To date:

  • 40 corn plots have been developed in 12 communities,
  • 5 irrigation systems were installed,
  • 4 wells were successfully built for watering crops,
  • 8 poultry farms managed by women were installed,
  • 6 economic initiatives for breeding calves were developed,
  • 4 homes were improved and
  • families received support for family gardens to improve their food security.

Through all these varied activities the families feel more empowered and slowly they are improving their living conditions to overcome poverty!

bookmark_flower  Congratulations Association Mangle for your outstanding work!