Asociación Mangle

Transforming lives

The families in the region of Bajo Lempa live in environmentally fragile areas, susceptible to flooding or extreme dryness.  Mangle worked to build local leadership and achieved huge success in improving the lives of people living in extreme poverty in communities around Puerto Parada.  The organization of Cincahuite continues the work in Puerto Parada, and Mangle has gone to work in the San Marcos Lempa area.

Here the families also suffer extreme poverty and Mangle is working to improve their farming and organizational capacities. This includes: providing agroecology training sessions, developing 40 corn plots, supporting 15 family gardens, building 6 poultry farms, providing 4 roofs for 4 families and 6 latrines for the same numbers of families.  As well, they bought calves and are providing training on their care and management.

All these activities will definitely improve the living conditions of the families!

bookmark_flower  Congratulations MANGLE on making it possible!