Children & Family Development Centre

High levels of malnutrition affect the children in the southern coastal town of Cedeño, Choluteca in Honduras. Insufficient food and lack of health services contribute to the acute and chronic malnutrition suffered by many children under 5 years of age.

ANDAR attempts to address the needs of these young children, by providing a quality preschool for 50 vulnerable and malnourished children. A range of activities support the children’s social, emotional, mental and physical health. By the end of each school year, 90% – 100% of the children overcome malnutrition or underweight. It is a remarkable success that keeps repeating each year!

In addition, ANDAR works with the parents to contribute to equitable gender relations and improved parenting skills. As a result, mothers are more empowered and fathers are more involved in their children’s upbringing.

ANDAR has now added new components to their work. They are providing opportunities for some families to develop income generating activities, through small chicken coops, family gardens, and making jams and jellies. It is another way to address the crippling poverty faced by the families and give them hope for a better future!

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