Improving women’s and children’s nutrition

Malnutrition affects a child for life – their school performance, their job prospects and their ability to support themselves as adults! FUSANMIDJ successfully recuperated many children from malnutrition, and thus, changed their life trajectory.

FUSANMIDJ trained local women to become health promoters, worked with schools to teach them about healthy nutrition and worked with families to grow family gardens for food. These skills remain with the women and their communities and are fostering lasting changes.

After so many years of great work, FUSANMIDJ said good bye to Kenoli. Since 2009, over 600 children with various stages of malnutrition were assisted.  In the last project alone, 80 families and 5 schools developed gardens to grow food, 12 improved stoves were built (2 of them in schools) and children in the schools learned about issues such as their rights, and the importance of healthy food for growing bodies.  80 replicas of food and medicinal workshops were carried out, 60 more than planned!

FUSANMIDJ dedicated its work to assisting the most vulnerable and made a huge difference in the trajectory of the children and families with whom they worked.  There are no words to say how proud and thankful Kenoli feels for all the years of working with FUSANMIDJ.  Anyone interested in FUSANMIDJ’s story and their accomplishments, please contact the Kenoli office for a copy.

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