Improving women’s and children’s nutrition

Malnutrition affects a child for life – their school performance and their job prospects! FUSANMIDJ has successfully recuperated many children, and thus, changed their life trajectory.

They are currently working with 76 malnourished children in 10 villages in the municipalities of Armenia, Coatepeque and Sonsonate.

Kenoli visited the remote community of La Coruña, situated near a beautiful lake that is surrounded by lovely homes and restaurants. Unfortunately, the families of La Coruña do not live in this luxury, but in poverty. This polluted lake is the source of all their water. FUSANMIDJ is working with 10 malnourished children in this village. The trained health promoters weighed and measured the children, provided advice to the mothers, and provided a nutritious meal for all. Recently, one of the pregnant women gave birth to healthy baby – this is good news!

FUSANMIDJ trains local women to become health promoters, works with schools to teach them about healthy nutrition, and works with families to grow family gardens for food. They are making lasting changes in the lives of the communities that they touch!

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