Asociación Transiciones (Transitions)

Changing Lives

Elvin Martinez thought his life was over after he fell out of an avocado tree and crushed his spine.  Six months and two surgeries later, he was still alive, but unable to walk. Since his family lived in extreme poverty, there was little they could do for him.  Instead of helping to generate income for the family, he was now a burden.

Everything changed with the support of the compassionate people of Semillas de Esperanza y Amor (SEA) and Kenoli.  SEA staff provided Elvin with a loving environment and an elementary school education. Kenoli introduced Elvin to Asociación Transiciones.

Transitions is an organization of people with disabilities that advocates for the rights of people with disabilities by providing wheelchairs, social development programs and opportunities for independent living that promote human dignity. Elvin received a new wheelchair to replace his dilapidated one and became a trainee with Transitions.  He is learning how to make a customized wheelchair. He orients new families in how to use the wheelchair without falling off and if you do, what to do. Previously, totally dependent upon others, Elvin now can get around on the cobble stone streets of Antigua, and get on and off a bus. He has also been invited to participate in the Transitions basketball team, which he loves.  Elvin’s life has changed from one of despair to one of hope and possibility! 

Elvin is only one of the hundreds of people that are helped by Transitions each year.

bookmark_flower Congratulations Transitions! We are proud of your work!